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Top 10 Bad Hollywood Boob Jobs

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Nothing makes shallow celebs happier than a stiff injection of saline solution. But just like with Kevin Costner's acting career, things sometimes go horribly wrong.Audrina Patridge
The Hills has a lot to answer for. This MTV-produced bucket of rotting fish bait was thrust upon our small screens in 2006. Audrina has probably had breast implants, as they look perkier and significantly larger than they used to. However, we forgive her; any girl’s boobs would droop in the presence of Spencer Pratt.

Jewel’s musical career has been declining in recent years. A boob job can usually help fix a performer’s esteem at least for the foreseeable future. Unless that boob job leaves you with some bizarre wrinkles that look like your granny’s forehead when she is frowning as you try to explain to her what bukkake is.

Jenna Jameson
Well it’s no surprise to find Jenna on this list. Jenna’s boobs were once a 32DD and currently come in at a more petite 32C. At one point, her boobs looked like they were made from Play-Doh; You could definitely see Tommy Lee’s handprint there. And a bit of his arm (what do you mean that’s not his arm... oh... Wow!).

Tori Spelling

Tori is an evil genius. Bad boob job? Of course, but have you seen her face? We’re all too busy staring at her mammary glands to actually realize that Tori looks like that guy you keep seeing down at the market who has nice legs and boobs, but you are sure he is a guy because of his huge hands and chin (and moustache). And you worry because you keep getting a bit of a chubby when you see him/her. But you also secretly like it. You want the man/woman/beast don’t you? And Tori knows that

Tara Reid
Way to go Tara, not easy to push Tori into 2nd place. Remember Tara in “American Pie”? She was cute, sexy, and incredibly hot. Fast forward 10 years and tell me if you had a choice between Tara Reid and a meat grinder, which you’d take home to introduce to your parents? Tara’s boob job is so nasty that she was once used by NASA to scare away a potential alien invasion. The extra-terrestrials took one look at those Hellish mounds and beat a hasty retreat. She is an all-American hero.

Victoria Beckham
It was hard not to put Victoria in first place, her boobs are not just bad, they’re actually hilarious. Apparently she had them spaced like that deliberately to remind her of home, specifically, the English Channel. At some points, the English Channel is only 21 miles wide, just a bit slimmer than Overtanned Spice’s cleavage. Seriously, are they boobs or neoplastic benign tumors growing out from her armpits from frying her skin too much?

Pamela Anderson

The queen of the boob job. There was a point when Pammy’s breasts were so large that astronauts could seem them from outer space (or rather the dust that collected on top of them). Her boobs have been chopped up so much that her nipples are practically falling off. Pammy is so plastic that when she dies it will take 1,000 years for her body to decompose.

Donatella Versace
The horror, the horror. She’s making my eyes bleed, please, put me out of my misery.

Paula Abdul

I think it was just wrong of Simon Cowell to put Paula in a microwave. That’s what he did you know. Look at her. She looks like a prune with all the juice sucked out of her. If she got bitten by a vampire she would just explode like a piñata full of dust. Her boobs look like she uses them to weigh vegetables by hooking a balance on nipple rings. Yuck.

Vivica Fox
Vivica Fox had such a bad boob job that “Vivicas” is now a term used to describe breasts that have hardened breast implants. Really, check the Urban Dictionary. Vivica played a hardened killer in Kill Bill Vol 1. No doubt she put her newfound skills to use by pounding the butcher who shoved an old pair of sandals in her chest cavity.

hot Alessandra Ambrosio in Victoria's Secret Swimsuit 2009..

Written by homicidal on Feb-24-09 3:16pm
here's Alessandra Ambrosio looking stunning as usual, in a photoshoot for the 2009 Victoria's Secret Swimsuit catalogue.

Danica Patrick Erotic Eleven from SI Swimsuit 2009

Photos of Danica Patrick at
Danica Patrick pleasantly remarks in her photoshoot video for her 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition pictorial about how Bar Refaeli mistook her for a "model in the issue."

Rihanna's Hair-Do

Rihanna has a completely new hair-do that adds pizzazz to her amazing and extravagant style. She was noticed with it while leaving one of her favourite cafes in New-Youk Da Silvano. What do you think about her new hair-style, hot or not?

Bittersweet of Best Top Models Everyday Life

1.Natalia Vodianova.

She is a supermodel and a wife of the real English lord. Now, she is a person, the Russian Federation has to be proud with, but, everything started not so idealistic. Natalia’s childhood has gone among people who used to call her a “hanger”. Natasha had a lot of duties: to take care after her handicapped-sister, to help mother in fruit trading, she was poor at learning and used to wear rags and other old-fashioned clothes. But, life has changed so unexpectedly. Once she was noticed and leave Russia for Paris, since then… She lives in a fairy-tail and brings Russia only good news.

2.Kate Moss

Amazing Kate Moss, it will be a surprise, but some models came to model business and reach-men world from rags to riches. Kate Moss is a real hotbed of vice, since 12 years she has been stealing spirits from her own home bar and when she was only 14-years-old she lost her innocence and namely then she met a women from the popular model agency and she suggested her to try herself in Calvin Klein advertisement. By the way, Kate is smaller than 170 cm and looks like a real dystrophic, but she is still extremely popular, she is a model-icon, because namely she was a founder of a new model-look - a look of a thin and exhausted girl. After the separating with Johny Depp, an awful period of her life began - cocaine, heroin, anorexia, nervous exhaustion and, finally, a drug dependence treatment course. And now she is still attractive and self-confident.

3.Naomi Campbell.

Well, well, well… It is a perfect example, how a person has forgotten who she was and how to behave yourself. Naomi is a daughter of a dancer from one of the poorest immigrant district and a black macho. Both her mother and grandmother were spending money in order Naomi be able to attend a dancing school… But, only a chance has changed everything - again, she was noticed and at the age of 14 became a girl of ELLE magazine. And now she reported to have one of the most scandalous and unbearable characters. Time changes people and their attitude to life


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born: February 2, 1977), known simply as Shakira, (pronounced /ʃəˈki�rə/ in English, ‭), is a Colombian singer-songwriter of Lebanese and European descent, musician, record producer, dancer and philanthropist who has been a major figure in the pop music scene of Latin America since the mid-1990s. She is a native Spanish speaker and also speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Italian, and some Arabic. In 2001, she broke through into the English-speaking world with the release of Lau

view more pics : Shakira
Birth name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
Also known as Shaki, Shak
Born February 2, 1977 (1977-02-02) (age 31) Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia
Genre(s) Latin pop, rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, record producer
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar, harmonica, drums
Years active 1990 " present
Label(s) Sony BMG, Epic, Live Nation
Associated acts Alejandro Sanz, Beyonce, Gustavo Cerati, Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana, Miguel Bose

Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer and entertainer. Born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears first appeared on national television as a contestant on the Star Search program in 1992 and went on to star on the television series The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993–1994. After a brief membership with the pop musical group Innosense, Spears signed a recording contract with Jive Records, releasing her debut album ...Baby One More Time in 1999.

view more pic : Britney Spears

Birth name Britney Jean Spears
Born December 2, 1981 (1981-12-02) (age 27) McComb, Mississippi, United States
Origin Kentwood, Louisiana, United States
Genre(s) Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, author, pianist, director
Instrument(s) vocals, piano
Voice type(s) Mezzo-soprano, Soprano
Years active 1993 " present
Label(s) Jive / Zomba (1998-present)
Associated acts The New Mickey Mouse Club Innosense (1997)

Agnes Monica Sexy

Paris Hilton Celebrates Her 28th Birthday

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reese Witherspoon tops list of Hollywood's highest-paid actresses

Her latest flick was a flop, but sexy Reese Witherspoon has taken the crown as this year’s highest paid Hollywood actress, commanding $15 million to $20 million a picture.

Witherspoon, who was second to Nicole Kidman on last year’s list compiled by the Hollywood Reporter, edged out Angelina Jolie, who commands about the same salary. Jolie took considerably less for the animated "Beowulf," getting just $8 million - but it was for just five weeks of work.

Cameron Diaz was third, with a $15-million-per-movie price tag. Kidman dropped to fourth place, with an asking price of $10 million to $15 million a film.

Renee Zellweger, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts also get $10 million to $15 million paychecks, even though Roberts hasn’t appeared onscreen since 2004’s "Ocean’s Twelve." Her next film, "Charlie Wilson’s War," hits theaters in January.

Drew Barrymore and Jodie Foster, who ask $10 million to $12 million a project are numbers eight and nine, with Halle Berry in the 10 slot, asking $10 million a picture.

The full salary list appears in The Hollywood Reporter's "Women in Entertainment: Power 100" issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

Agnes Monica


Raja Farah

Nama: Raja Farah Raja Aziz
Tarikh Lahir: 5 Julai 1988
Asal: Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
Tinggi: 162 sm
Berat: 52 kilogram
Kerjaya: Pelakon dan pengacara
Drama: Impian Illyana, Pesona Cinta, Misi XX Ray, Cinta Medik, Durrani, Gadis Dari Bintang, Intan Asmara dan Manjalara
Rancangan TV: Mango TV (8TV), Suara Emas Bintang RTM, Riuh di 1 dan Filem di 9
Filem: Saloon, Anak Halal, Malaikat Maut, Aquarium Cinta dan Apa Kata Hati

Jessica Alba 2

Jessica Alba 1

Angelina Jolie

Maria Ozawa